What Makes Staff Happy ?

Lets face it. The majority of us need to work. So with up to 50 percent of our waking lives involved with some form of earning a wage, what is it that makes staff happy (happier, happiest) when they are out there trying to earn a crust?

There are statistics floating around that say in western civilized countries, the greatest reason for staff turnover is due to management.

So, if staff like who they report to, will they be happy at work? Could very well be.
At least they will be less inclined to leave.

But is that the whole story?

The thing is, work life is made up of a number of different things that could weigh in on that Happiness Factor. There are whole range of things, all of which may be different for each individual, group of individuals, or the organisation as a whole that may make them happier while they are at work.

The categories or clusters of job elements that may drive that happiness, or staff satisfaction, may be narrow or considerably broader and may include up to sixteen or more variables. These are the things a decent Staff Satisfaction Survey should canvas.

Besides viewpoints on management, and the size of the crust staff are earning, there could very well be more involved with the perceptions of the workforce that could be understood and potentially acted upon through a Staff Satisfaction Survey.

Get clarity on what may increase that staff satisfaction and the benefit to the bottom line comes in two ways.

1. Greater Staff Satisfaction or Happiness at work can lead to greater productivity. (Provided they are trained properly, otherwise you get greater productivity with greater mistakes.)

2. Those that are more satisfied at work, are less likely to leave, at least without possibly discussing their impending move.

The rubber hits the highway only when you address those areas where your staff could be happier, and often this does not involve spending a bucket of money to see the benefits flow to the bottom line.

With our experience in a tight job market for a range of skills, just reducing turnover could be a significant savings for many organisations and worth considering conducting a Staff Satisfaction Survey.

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