What is the greatest HR challenge most companies face?

Is finding the best skill sets for your company the greatest HR challenge? Is providing effective training and development to ensure they are productive the greatest challenge? Maybe it’s about providing the best workplace environment, getting the team fit right, getting the pay right?

At the end of the working day, there may not just be one single greatest challenge, there may be a number of challenges.

While talking to a CEO recently who runs a very good business, he made mention of focus groups that he ran with a cross section of his workforce who all separately made the comment that they wanted more of one thing. That one thing was Employee Feedback.

After the conversation it occurred to me that after being involved with Staff Satisfaction Surveys for both large and small companies, there did seem to be an area that staff generally highlighted. They too wanted more Employee Feedback.

If you’re a company that does Exit Interviews, you may also find that there is an undercurrent in the response patterns of parting employees. Don’t be surprised if you discover that your former staff want more- you guessed it- Employee Feedback.

Providing effective Employee Feedback could actually be one of the greatest HR challenges companies face (at least according to the feedback we are getting from employees).

So what is the panacea for all Employee Feedback shortcomings by companies?

Well, there probably isn’t a one size fits all solution.

Of course managers can be trained on having difficult conversations, and performance management systems can be put in place, but there is one key piece to the Employee Feedback puzzle, and that hinges squarely on managing Employee Expectations.

If staff aren’t clear on expectations, what their role is, and the goals objectives and KPI’s that are going to support business objectives, then that Employee Feedback loop is hard for a leader to close. It is really hard having a good conversation about performance when there isn’t that foundation in place to create the deeper meaning to the conversation.

This could be a good time of the year to start refreshing job descriptions and putting in place some goals and KPI’s to not only drive performance, but to make it easier to provide effective feedback.

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