The Value of One on Ones for Your Staff

Have you ever gotten into a situation as a leader when the end of the year performance review comes around and you really weren’t looking forward to it?

And one of the main reasons you weren’t looking forward to it was that you struggled to have enough information at hand to have a meaningful conversation? Or you quite simply didn’t know what you could say to make the review a meaningful experience for your staff, and a more pleasant experience for yourself?

Having one on ones with your staff throughout the year will ease the burden when that end of the year review rolls around. And you know, it doesn’t have to be a herculean effort on your part.

While the greatest benefit of having those one on ones is quite simply to open up the lines of communication, to share insights and to gain insights, it is best not to approach them as merely a conversation. Having an agenda, a time-frame, and a view to obtaining action items for yourself and your staff member gives them greater value.
If the staff have Key Results Areas that they are focussed on with Goals or KPI’s for the year, having these items to discuss in your one on ones are going to give you the foundation for having a more fruitful end of the year performance review.

While a straightforward, easy agenda is essential, where you ask staff if they may have an item or two to contribute in advance, capturing some notes and reminders that you can use in the future will be essential. If you use a simple form to capture useful information that you can quickly fill out after the meeting and tuck away, then you will be building a good bank of information.

You can choose to do these slightly more formal one on ones bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly. If you aren’t already doing them it may take a little effort to get them going but you will find that most employees will come to expect and want to have their one on ones once they start having them.

It is easy to start them up if you don’t have them going by merely mentioning to your team members that it is good use of time to set these up so you can both benefit from sharing information.

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