Exit Interviews. Worth the Time?

The other day I was talking to a business owner about some of his HR challenges and practices when we got onto the topic of Exit Interviews.

“Do you do them I asked?”   He was quick to say that he had  them done in the past by a third party but was no longer interested in hearing about what disgruntled employees had to say. He no longer did them.

Is this SME missing a golden opportunity to gather some useful information?

The answer is probably yes.

Depending upon the departing employee, you are always bound to pick up on some unsavoury information, but for the most part what are you trying to achieve?

The Exit Interview when conducted properly with a greater degree of depth and proper questioning can be a multi-informational tool that can achieve much

If you methodically undertake Exit Interviews that are consistently comprised of the right probing questions it can conceivably help you gather useful information around four core areas.


  1. Re-Hire Information– No employee may know their role best, but the person who is leaving the role. Perceptions from a former employee about what type of person may best be needed to replace their role can be very useful. This may include both the type of skills as well as temperament that is needed to be effective.


  1. Performance Review– While there may some negative information in there, there may actually be some good content that managers can take away how to possibly be better situational leaders


  1. Mini Staff Satisfaction Survey– A number of questions in your Exit Interview could be similar to those you may actually use in a Staff Satisfaction Survey. Think of it as a possible focus group of just one. However, if you do more exit interviews you have a bigger focus group


  1. Employer of Choice– Some questions may refer to whether they would recommend others, and why or why not they would do that. You cannot be an Employer of Choice should others not recommend to choose you. Getting to the bottom of this can be insightful.


If you have a third party such as antero HR undertake Exit Interviews on your behalf over time you may benefit from improvements in new hires and organisational effectiveness.

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