Is it really that easy to find good staff?

Sometimes I feel like such a nerd.


Well, because when I see the updated Department of Employment Labour Market Research pop up in my in-box I get a little bit excited.

Yes, I know that sounds strange. But I’ll tell you why I get a bit excited.

You have these recruitment agencies doing this survey and that survey.  You have these articles about so and so saying whatever about employment conditions. However, when you dig into the Department of Employment (DOE) info you have pure data. Or relatively pure as far as government statistics go.

What DOE does, amongst other things, is monitors recruitment conditions with more than 1,000 employers across South Australia. They respond to a yearly survey that results in the South Australia Recruitment Conditions Monitor.

…..and the survey says……

“Labour market conditions across South Australia remain subdued. Annual employment growth has averaged 0.2 per cent over the past five years, compared with the national average of 1.3 per cent, and the number of internet vacancies remains well below 2011 levels. While employment growth improved slightly to 0.9 per cent over the year to May 2017, much of the employment growth over the past few years has been due to an increase in part-time jobs.”

While interesting, I suppose the above findings aren’t a total surprise.

However, while we are not privy to the companies they surveyed, I did find the following statistic of interest, and possibly questionable in my experience.

The report went onto say, “Reflecting the overall softness in labour market conditions, levels of recruitment difficulty in South Australia were below the average for Australia in 2016, with less than three out of ten employers reporting difficulty recruiting appropriate staff for their business in their most recent exercise.”

Hmm…less than 30% of companies in South Australia reporting difficulty in recruiting the most appropriate staff?

Gee. I am not sure about that one.


Here is the logical response, besides lots of anecdotal information I can share about appointing the best staff.

Good people have jobs. Good companies try to hang onto good people.

Therefore, a lot of times it can be quite hard finding good (aka “appropriate”) people for a job.

So what’s an employer to do besides hanging onto their good staff?

I guess the next question is, why would a good employee want to work for you?

With so many great companies in South Australia, part of the secret is for the company to be able to sell the benefits of why a good employee can be made even better by joining them.

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