Hire Slow, Fire Quickly

IT systems used to frustrate me to no end. The main reason is that there is usually some error in between me and the keyboard. I am definitely no IT guy, that’s for sure. But after years of staring at a screen, and pecking away, I have come to realise IT systems are pretty much logical.

At times there is just not a logical explanation about the way staff behave.

Some months ago I went on a journey with an organisation to appoint a new hire in a freshly created role. I liked that the leaders in the organisation thought the same way I did. They wanted to be absolutely certain about the job content from the start. An in-depth job analysis was done, a job description was workshopped and invaluable input was gained.

Market research was undertaken in regard to salary requirements, a budget was locked in, effective advertising campaigns were created, and a thorough vetting process was undertaken. A strong national shortlist was the end result.

Like making a good wine the best of the bunch were selected. They were interviewed once, then twice. The shortlist was then tightened up. Several were interviewed for the third and fourth time. I was personally pleased that we were taking the time and human due diligence to comprehensively assess the applicants.

We got greater candidate information when we did the psychological assessments. We then compared the psychological assessment results to the Key Results Areas that we established off the back of the job description. We wanted to see if they had natural capabilities to deliver.

A fifth and final interview was done on the final shortlisted applicant after a glowing, genuine reference check. We then hired.

After a month in the role something unexplainable happened in the new hires life. His performance eroded to a vote of “no confidence” by the leadership team. To his credit, after an attempt to resuscitate the new hires performance, the Director opted to terminate his employment sooner rather than later.

We hired slowly, but had to fire quickly.

If you have seen Shrek, I felt like the scene where donkey says “You cut me deep Shrek, you cut me really deep just now.” We did everything to get the best applicant, but were not able to get a logical explanation as to what went wrong.

Unfortunately, once in a blue moon things don’t work out.

It is still best to hire slowly and fire quickly though.

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