Sally the Human Resources Manager had a Dream

Sally, the HR Manager arrived at work at her usual time. She noticed that the car park that was closest to the main entrance that was given to the Employee of the Month following her well received Employee Recognition Program was already occupied.

She made her way into the office still slightly sleepy and sipping on a café latte when she heard the sound of laughter coming from different parts of the office.

Bob, the receptionist, greeted her pleasantly and smiled as they were both aware the company wide Wellness Program was in full swing with pre-work stretching exercises underway.

Sally’s first task of the day was to further explore the results of the recent Staff Satisfaction Survey.

The results had indicated that 100% of staff were satisfied with the company. She wanted to explore the data to further enhance Professional Development. The Succession Plan she had developed highlighted a number of high performers that could benefit from the comprehensive Management Training Program that had been getting great reviews from previous participants, and she wanted to build on that.

Before further meetings she had a quick look at her Human Resource Information System that gave her a statistical snap shot of her basic HR indicators.

Sure enough, staff turnover was at an all-time low, and sick leave had gone down ever further (“hmmmm”…she thought, “Could that be our Wellness Program kicking in?”).

She was not, however, looking forward to her next meeting.

Paul, the most junior Team Leader, was saddled with an irksome Performance Management issue with a Gen Y employee. Upon arriving in the meeting room, she found Paul seated with paperwork at hand.  Paul happily explained how the Performance Improvement Plan that she thoroughly coached him on had resulted in a miraculous turn of events. The employee, who was on the verge of being dismissed, was now performing so well he was a candidate for the employee of the month car park!

Sally’s day rolled on. She had interviews to attend with another Team Leader.

The interviews were for a role with highly specialised skills. In the past the organisation had done a national, and then an international search by multi-listing it with no fewer than six recruitment agents that left them with a large fee and a less than average appointment who lasted only six months. She approached the interviews with a degree of caution.

She observed the interviews and liked the Open-ended Interview Questions capably used by the Team Leader who shared a detailed Job Description with the candidates.

After a Psychological Assessment and favourable Reference Checks they appointed a candidate that was the result of their Employee Referral Program saving them thousands and……..

……the annoying beep of the alarm clock went off at 6:15 a.m.

Sally awoke with a groggy moan. Time to get ready to face the day. She quickly remembered that this day was going to be brutal for a number of reasons.

She wanted to stay in bed.

She wanted to go back to her dream.

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