Business Lessons from a Bike Saddle

antero HR was proud to be an Event Partner for Road Raise 2019, a 1,100 kilometre charity bike ride from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise vital funds for CanTeen where all funds go directly to supporting young people living with cancer.

As part of being an Event Partner I was keen to do the ride and raise awareness for such a great cause. I was delighted to have completed the challenging ride where I rode and was invaluably supported by some of the nicest people on the planet.

It wasn’t until after our journey ended, (and the pain of certain body parts left unmentioned subsided), that it occurred to me that what we successfully achieved as riders had a lot in common with business practices of well-performing SME’s.

Here are just three business practices as they relate to a long distance charity ride that I thought about after hanging onto the handlebars for about 40 hours over 7 days.

The 6 P’s– (“Proper Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance”). I suffered more than I wanted and performed poorly in the hills on the ride. I knew in advance I should have planned to train more with increasing amounts of elevation and was hoping for a miracle.

How many times has a work team succeeded with a well-executed plan vs. a team that just has a crack at it with no plan at all hoping for a miracle?

Communication– Whether it was a hand signal from a rider ahead of you, someone giving a shout that a car was behind us to tighten up, or verbal instructions about an upcoming turn, communication for a group of riders is most key.

Every Staff Satisfaction Survey I have organised has implied that organisations could communicate more effectively both in content and frequency. SME’s that have worked on this have benefited.

Risk Management– Heading down the Geelong Road to catch the Queenscliff Ferry the sound of my hissing wheel was heard after some idiot put thumb tacks on the road. Within a moment thanks to our wonderful mechanic I had a spare wheel on and was rolling again.

It is hard to run a bench in an SME everyone is on the field, but those that are prepared and have risk management or contingency plans in place by having staff that are cross trained can get by more easily.

While there are many more comparisons to business and riding in a well-organised long distance charity bike ride (like celebrating success), I take my bike hat off to Road Raise 2019, and to SME’s that do it right.

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