Helping to transform careers as a result of organisational change


Today’s organisations may not be the same as yesterdays, and certain job responsibilities and skills and experience needed to successfully perform those jobs may not be the same either.

When employees find changes to job responsibilities difficult, or are not able to make the transition to that new role and organisational structure, we provide assistance during this stressful period with Career Coaching or Outplacement support.

Our depth of support varies with individual and organisational circumstances. It may include a Psychological Assessment necessary to identify an employee’s developmental needs, CV Preparation, comprehensive individual Career Coaching or Outplacement Programs, or a series of Career Transition Workshops.

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Individual Career Assistance For Professionals


The CV and Interview Skills Package helps professionals line up their next job of choice.

Through a package that includes a Job Search Questionnaire, Individual CV Preparation, and Interview Skills meetings, we create an outcome for professional job seekers that leaves them with a greater chance of securing their preferred role, along with the most appropriate CV and interview skills they can take away with them throughout their whole career.

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