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They Had To Let Rick Go, Had A Tight Budget And Wanted To Help Him

Rick was a good guy, and the company owners liked him, but due to circumstances they had to make a hard decision. For the first time in a long time they had to let someone go. Unfortunately it had to be Rick.

While it was hard enough parting ways with a staff member who was like an extended family member, they wanted him to land on his feet as quickly as possible. Being cost sensitive they also wanted to achieve this within a tight budget.

How We Helped

They decided to lean on antero HR for Career Transition and Support where Rick could benefit from one of their packages, a tailored CV and Interview Skills Package. They suspected if Rick had the chance to have his CV professionally done by an expert who could also coach him how to best interview then he could secure his ideal job more quickly. To a degree they also felt a certain moral obligation to try within reason to do what they could for him after so many years of service.

As antero HR was an HR generalist company with broad experience that included Recruitment and Selection, they provided Rick with robust, practical support along with a CV that worked and much needed contemporary interviewing experience. This gave him the confidence to land his job of choice within a reasonable period of time, and have job search tools to take throughout his career.


  • Rick had been with the company for seven years, had an old style resume, lacked confidence and was rusty at interviewing.
  • He was able to gain alternative employment in less than 45 days in a tight market due to antero HR.
  • He was also grateful to his former employer who felt they did the right thing under the circumstances and spoke highly of them to a number of people.

Company Division Closed And Those Made Redundant Benifited

Management knew one of their divisions was at risk when they had only one major customer left. While they tried to diversify and gain new customers they were not able to get there in time.

As a result, the day came when they were forced to shut down the entire division when their major customer went overseas for their supplier. With multiple employees being subjected to redundancy, the organisation wanted to help the entire team but weren’t in a position to use large Outplacement firms to provide individual programs. They found the expertise and flexibility that antero HR presented to be highly appropriate.

How We Helped

As a provider of Career Transition and Support services, their strong HR background combined with the ability to counsel staff and deliver tailored group workshops targeted to the affected audience made sense. antero HR was immediately able to work closely with management and provide a number of workshops with take away support materials that assisted the staff on how to best overcome job loss. antero HR provided the employees with the support they needed to achieve renewed hope and the necessary skills to make them ready to take the next steps in their careers.


  • While it was gut wrenching for management, and even more gut wrenching for the twenty staff whose jobs were made redundant, the company was able to provide some great HR support without paying an arm and a leg.
  • Group workshops allowed the staff to come together, gain acceptance of the reality, to prepare themselves, and gain skills necessary to take on the next chapters in their lives.
  • Many were able to gain alternative employment within weeks rather than months and were able to put money aside.


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