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Bill Needed To Get Performance Management Sorted Out

Bill owned a company that was over twenty years old and his hard work had been paying off well in recent years, however, it was taking a toll on him. He was finding himself increasingly stretched with his steadily growing staff.

Bill had been noticing more and more that there was a fair amount of overlap and confusion with what a number of his staff were doing. It became increasingly clear what had to be done. He had to better manage employees’ expectations by getting Job Descriptions and KPI’s in place, and he needed an effective Performance Management Program that made sense and he could easily use.

How We Helped

antero HR was brought in, and following discussions it was agreed the best way to get the outcomes he needed was to individually meet with each staff member, and to undertake Job Analyses and develop up to date Job Descriptions. Working on-site antero HR met with each individual staff member and conducted a thorough Job Analysis, and then worked up Job Descriptions and identified the Key Results Areas each staff had to achieve to fulfil their role and to support Bills’ business objectives. More specific Key Performance Indicators that both he and his staff agreed on were then put in place.  After Bill received, and then shared with his staff the information that provided them with greater job clarity, he used antero HR to reinforce his business objectives with a Team Building Workshop before having his old Performance Management Program refined. It was designed to be more effective and easier to administer, particularly after antero HR trained both the leaders and the staff how they could both mutually benefit from the program.


  • Bill was able to achieve job clarity with his staff.
  • He put in place a Performance Management Program that may have increased productivity by up to 20% with some staff.
  • He gained further productivity through continuous improvement goals.
  • He also acquired the tools to manage poor performers more effectively resulting in an immediate savings of $90,000.00

The Management Team Wanted To Know What Staff Were Really Thinking

The CEO and Management team wanted to know for quite some time what the staff in different teams thought about a number of areas in their company.

They felt there may be some issues in certain areas, but couldn’t quite nail down any details. They also saw an opportunity to make improvements with targeted training and development, and were willing to take on board pertinent information they could also use to assist in greater staff satisfaction after morale had dipped in the last two years. They called on antero HR who developed an affordable, confidential, tailor made Staff Satisfaction Survey. Staff were able to easily do an on-line survey. It focused on the areas the management team were most interested in getting solid data on in order to gain a strong insight into staff perceptions.

How We Helped

From the survey design to the communication strategy and administration, antero HR made the process clear and straightforward. Within a week after the conclusion of the survey several Management Reports were developed and presented with highly meaningful data and useful recommendations they could use to benefit the workforce. The staff also received a presentation from antero HR who provided them with high level results that brought them along the journey.



  • The management team was able to clearly pursue areas that would give them greatest benefit in training and development for staff and leaders.
  • They were also able to implement cost-effective recommendations that led to increased staff satisfaction.
  • Further, they established a benchmark so as to measure future staff satisfaction indicators through yearly surveys.


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