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HR Outsource Case Studies

SME Gets On With What They Do Best And Increase Profitability

For over twenty years Ed and his Partner Joe had steadily grown the company to where they had over twenty-five staff and four different teams servicing niche markets. They had always exceeded their customers’ expectations. Self-confessed entrepreneurs and businessmen, they quietly admitted that while they had grown to be leaders out of necessity, their least favourite side of the business was the people side.

Both Ed and Joe took turns being the “People Partner” till one of them was at his wits end and implored the other to take over the HR reigns. Often they would find themselves thinking they had better things to do than HR (particularly at their approximate hourly rate).

They had initially tried to ease their management burdens by hiring a Personal Assistant who had a bit of HR administration experience. After she left they then hired a Practice Manager who had prior supervisory experience and had also done some HR tasks in her past roles. While both of these appointments helped with the HR function to an extent, it was by and large more on the administration side. Because these employees did not have an HR background there were gaps in the development and implementation of an HR function that could best support the business. Systems, processes, tools, and a deeper understanding about certain aspects of HR that could help their profitability never saw the light of day in the company.

In reality they either needed an expensive HR Manager, that they weren’t big enough to have and couldn’t afford, or a number of more expensive HR consultants to do certain parts of the HR function. They avoided both of these scenarios like the plague, soldiered on, and regretted a number of the HR outcomes that occurred leaving them with a legacy of unproductivity and further challenges.

How We Helped

Both Ed and Joe found antero HR to be exactly what they needed. Namely, someone to take care of HR, so they could take care of what they knew best.

antero HR started with an HR Assessment that identified where practical improvements could be made in their HR function. The HR Assessment Report served as a foundation for discussion and agreement about the future HR outcomes to be achieved.

As their HR Business Partner, antero HR worked in partnership with both Ed and Joe and met with them at the start of every month to discuss and agree the course of action for the upcoming month of HR activities aimed squarely at assisting with profitability.

A greater portion of the monthly activity was focussed on delivering those areas identified in the HR Assessment, but with total flexibility Ed and Joe could draw on antero HR at any time for a wide range of HR matters, some of which were achieved in-house with other activities being fulfilled off-site.

While they had used antero HR for the whole year, they liked the fact that they could conclude their outsourcing arrangement at any time without penalty. They also liked the transparency in the process. At the end of every month they received a report from antero HR that documented the hours worked on the specific HR outcomes they were benefiting from.


  • What Ed and Joe liked most were the HR results, the increased staff engagement and increased productivity.
  • They received experienced HR support they normally could not afford at approximately 70% less than a full-time equivalent.
  • They were able to focus on growing their business by doing what they did best while the HR outcomes supported their business objectives.

Note: While Ed, Joe, and other organisations use antero HR for all their Outsourced HR requirements, others outsource just a portion of their HR (i.e., Recruitment, Training or Outplacement). They can all benefit from flexible Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly plans.


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