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HR Support Case Studies Recruitment and Selection

John Was Sick Of Recruitment Agents

John was the Managing Director of a multi-site location who had average staff turnover. He had pretty good luck recruiting internally or using his networks to fill vacancies, but in this instance had to go to the job market.

When he went to the job market in the past he had to use recruitment agencies whom he found expensive, more interested in selling a candidate rather than getting to know his business, and placed people who didn’t last long. He found antero HR more to his liking as they acted as a true HR Business Partner, and worked a proven process rather than just selling a candidate.

How We Helped

As part of their initial process antero HR did a formal Job Analysis and Job Description rather than just taking a brief. They then worked up a Candidate Attraction Strategy and Tailored a Recruitment Campaign with ads that attracted candidates and sold the benefits of his company far better than he could.

antero HR was then able to easily assess a large number of applicants, and developed a shortlist that not only met the selection criteria, but was presented with Interview Questions to use when he met with them. After the shortlisting process antero HR also attended the interviews alongside him, and did Psychological Assessments all as part of their standard delivery that led to the most appropriate staff being appointed being appointed into John’s team.


  • John discovered it was 64% less expensive to recruit and select a candidate through antero HR than most recruitment agencies.
  • He believed the quality of the long term appointments he made were even better, particularly having been more involved in the process.
  • He also saved thousands of dollars along the way on the unwanted turnover costs he had been experiencing before.

Tom Just Needed A Little Help Recruiting 

Tom had built himself a nice small to medium sized accounting practice over the years. He found it particularly hard to not only attract appropriate staff, but to also bring on board staff who would be around long enough to benefit from all the required training.

The firm had grown to the point where he had a Practice Manager without in-depth HR experience. He had recently taken over another small firm, and really needed another solid bookkeeper who would stay to service the new companies he had recently gained. In need of help, but on a tight budget due to recent growth, Tom turned to antero HR. He found the depth of experience they had along with their Fee for Service approach to be appealing. He just needed a quality shortlist. Tom was confident that once he had a number of suitable candidates in front of him he could save costs by having his Practice Manager help him interview, and do the necessary reference checks to be able to confidently hire.

How We Helped

antero HR was able to work well with him as they understood he just needed a bit of a hand. After antero HR did the Job Analysis and Job Description they quickly recognised the difficulty of the specific software experience Tom needed. They also noted he had a bit flexibility due to the mix of his clients, and he would consider several part-time staff. So antero HR then developed a Candidate Attraction Strategy and Tailored Recruitment Campaign that led to a number of excellent part-time candidates being identified, rather than that next to impossible to find full-time candidate. In the end Tom was presented with a shortlist that had been preliminarily interviewed by antero HR that all fit the bill, and also reduced Tom’s bill.


  • Tom was able to get the Recruitment and Selection help he only needed at the time with his budget, appointed the skillsets he needed, satisfied his clients, and reduced his unwanted staff turnover costs.
  • He saved $35,000 in turnover costs in this role alone.
  • He also got antero HR to know his business better in case he need further HR support in the future.


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