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Successful results in Recruitment and Selection do not need to be expensive with “fee for service” options


As your HR Business Partner, rather than a Recruitment Consultant, you can partner with us to appoint candidates at a fraction of the cost you would pay an agency, and still draw on a proven track record that has resulted in thousands of successful appointments.

We believe every new hire is equally important and finding your next employee doesn’t start with a wish list, and a slick ad that may not work. We identify and document the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that are needed to best help your business, and work with you through a process that makes the new appointment a more integral part of the team.

You can handpick the amount of Recruitment and Selection expertise your business requires, from Attraction Strategies to Offers and Induction, and obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective HR support to meet budget and achieve business goals.

We can support you through the process with any combination of HR activities driven by your needs.

  • Job analysis and job descriptions

  • Candidate attraction strategies

  • Tailored recruitment campaigns

  • In-house support

  • Psychological assessments

  • Employee induction


To talk about how our Recruitment and Selection alternatives may benefit your organisation, or to request a Proposal, feel free to call +61 427 601 517 or write to