Don’t Underestimate the Value of Values

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to be able to work in HR for small, medium and large corporations. Each company I worked for was great it in its own way with some great people. At its most basic level all of the companies I worked for had a Mission Statement and [...]

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R.I.P. EVP. (You have got to be joking….?)

Some weeks ago I stumbled on an article. It spoke about how the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is dead. Whoa…The EVP dead??!! Who says so? Maybe the article was supposed to be addressed to global corporates or some specialised audience involved with branding, but the notion of a company not having an EVP.... absolute rubbish [...]

May 22nd, 2018|Tags: , , |

The First Job of any Leader

I am interested in what makes up “high performing teams”, and helping companies get the best out of their staff. So when I got a chance to go to an event where an AFL Football Coach along with a panel of CEO’s  were discussing the critical success factors needed to build high performance teams I [...]

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Why the Job Application Cover Letter is not Dead

As an HR Advisor to SME’s and corporates I frequently partner with business owners and leaders to recruit and select all levels of staff. While recently recruiting for a six figure Business Development Manager I was able to establish a long list of potentially suitable applicants from dozens of applications. There were a number of [...]

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Sally the Human Resources Manager had a Dream

Sally, the HR Manager arrived at work at her usual time. She noticed that the car park that was closest to the main entrance that was given to the Employee of the Month following her well received Employee Recognition Program was already occupied. She made her way into the office still slightly sleepy and sipping [...]

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Poor Performance Recidivism: Fact or Fiction?

I couldn’t help but agree with a CEO I was talking to last month about how difficult it is to maintain consistent adequate performance after an employee had begun to be formally performance managed. A number of poorly performing employee situations we were both familiar with (let’s say 4 out of 5 on average) had [...]

April 8th, 2018|Tags: , , |

Four Ways to Minimise Staff Turnover Pain in SME’s

The majority of team sports have the benefit of being able to substitute someone in if a player gets injured or is tired. The coach can even strategize and put players in different positions in an attempt to put a better result on the scoreboard. Most organisations don’t have the luxury of “running a bench” [...]

March 15th, 2018|Tags: , , , |

The Dangers of the Mini-Me Syndrome

It wasn’t that long ago when I caught up with a Director of a growing SME that was looking to employ someone in a newly created role who said, “I want a person just like me.” “Really?” He then told me about the type of person he was looking for that mirrored his impressive background, [...]

February 20th, 2018|Tags: , , |

Applicants should Think Twice before they Call About a Job Ad

I am a fan of two basic activities when it comes to advertising for jobs. Number 1. No matter how many applicants apply for a job, I am a fan of letting every applicant know how they went, and advising them if they were unsuccessful. After all, I believe being an Employer of Choice starts [...]

January 31st, 2018|Tags: , , |

What is the Ideal Number of Applicants to Have on a Shortlist?

I liked Frank. Frank was one of the Hiring Leaders I worked with in a large multinational company I used to work for. He was affable, had good emotional intelligence, and was a man who efficiently got things done. But from an HR point of view, he was a lot of work sometimes. Frank was [...]

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