What is the Ideal Number of Applicants to Have on a Shortlist?

I liked Frank. Frank was one of the Hiring Leaders I worked with in a large multinational company I used to work for. He was affable, had good emotional intelligence, and was a man who efficiently got things done. But from an HR point of view, he was a lot of work sometimes. Frank was [...]

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Employer of Choice 201, Induction

I am fortunate, and grateful, to be a Principal HR Consultant. I  work with some great South Australian businesses, and some great people who work in those businesses. I have also been fortunate and grateful to have been employed by some notable, highly regarded national and international companies in the past.  There has, however, been [...]

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Is it really that easy to find good staff?

Sometimes I feel like such a nerd. Why? Well, because when I see the updated Department of Employment Labour Market Research pop up in my in-box I get a little bit excited. Yes, I know that sounds strange. But I’ll tell you why I get a bit excited. You have these recruitment agencies doing this [...]

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Riding That Wave. The Future Workforce Has Begun

As an HR professional, based out of Adelaide, South Australia since the 90’s, I feel like I witnessed, or have been a part of three business waves. The first wave saw bigger companies that were decentralised opt to centralise. They decentralised again after they did the sums and thought centralising was not good, before they [...]

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John the MD’s Dream

Claire, the receptionist was impeccably dressed, had the front office looking spickety- span, and greeted John, the MD, with a warm smile and a pleasant “Good Morning” greeting. “I hope you don’t mind that I got your favourite blueberry muffin and heated it up for you to enjoy while meeting the GM today”, she said. John [...]

What Quadrants Do Your Staff Live In?

Business Leaders and owners have many challenges. If it’s not IT, it is finances, if it’s not finances, it’s something else, and of course there is always, always the people side of the business equation. In the last week I had been speaking with a handful of business owners and leaders, and invariably the conversation [...]

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Power of Positive Feedback

When I was at graduate school studying Organisational Psychology I remember reading about some old obscure psychological research. U.S Psychologists were involved with trying to help improve how to guide early missiles. Now this is going to sound really far-fetched. They were experimenting with pigeons that were in the nose cone of a missile. The [...]

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Do you hear Elvis when you do salary reviews?

You may be a total fan of the triple j “Hottest 100”. Maybe you like the new Ed Sheeran, Dire Straits, or maybe you only hanker for Hank Williams. But listen. You can’t go past Elvis. Gee he was good. So many classics. When you think about it, you probably have a favourite Elvis tune. [...]

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The Greatest Reason for Staff Turnover (and What to Do)

I often think of the word entropy. It’s a word I learned in science class years ago, and it’s kind of a fancy sounding word. It pretty much means that there will be a natural decline to disorder. Boy, isn’t that true in business these days. (Folks tend to describe it more politically correct by [...]

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Let’s Bring Back a New Version of the Tea Lady

I think I really started to become aware of it about four years ago. I was working in HR for a major multinational organisation then. I had my laptop with me, had finished dinner, and got back on-line and settled into some after-hours work. I was emailing a number of Managers both locally and interstate [...]

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