Go Beyond Skills Based Interviewing

CV’s are like Caesar salads. They are all basically the same, but they can have slightly different ingredients, slightly different flavours One of the key ingredients many job seekers overlook putting in their CV, and one of the key ingredients that hiring leaders often overlook more fully exploring in a job applicants’ CV are the [...]

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Why the Job Application Cover Letter is not Dead

As an HR Advisor to SME’s and corporates I frequently partner with business owners and leaders to recruit and select all levels of staff. While recently recruiting for a six figure Business Development Manager I was able to establish a long list of potentially suitable applicants from dozens of applications. There were a number of [...]

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The Dangers of the Mini-Me Syndrome

It wasn’t that long ago when I caught up with a Director of a growing SME that was looking to employ someone in a newly created role who said, “I want a person just like me.” “Really?” He then told me about the type of person he was looking for that mirrored his impressive background, [...]

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What is the Ideal Number of Applicants to Have on a Shortlist?

I liked Frank. Frank was one of the Hiring Leaders I worked with in a large multinational company I used to work for. He was affable, had good emotional intelligence, and was a man who efficiently got things done. But from an HR point of view, he was a lot of work sometimes. Frank was [...]

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Give Some Applicants An Extra Point Or Two

I have had the pleasure of career counselling a number of professionals. Along the way we define what their viable career choices are and how they are going to get there, because “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.” I personally try to keep it fairly simple. My approach [...]

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Is it really that easy to find good staff?

Sometimes I feel like such a nerd. Why? Well, because when I see the updated Department of Employment Labour Market Research pop up in my in-box I get a little bit excited. Yes, I know that sounds strange. But I’ll tell you why I get a bit excited. You have these recruitment agencies doing this [...]

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Riding That Wave. The Future Workforce Has Begun

As an HR professional, based out of Adelaide, South Australia since the 90’s, I feel like I witnessed, or have been a part of three business waves. The first wave saw bigger companies that were decentralised opt to centralise. They decentralised again after they did the sums and thought centralising was not good, before they [...]

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John the MD’s Dream

Claire, the receptionist was impeccably dressed, had the front office looking spickety- span, and greeted John, the MD, with a warm smile and a pleasant “Good Morning” greeting. “I hope you don’t mind that I got your favourite blueberry muffin and heated it up for you to enjoy while meeting the GM today”, she said. John [...]

Scheming for Your Next New Hire

At some workshops I recently conducted for a somewhat sizeable company, I asked the workshop participants who had got their jobs at the company after being referred from a colleague or former colleague. Up to 50% of all the workshop participants acknowledged they had gotten their jobs after being referred. I later learned that the [...]

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Did Your Preferred Candidate Turn You Down? This Could Be Why?

Things were going so well so far (other than the fact you just lost one of your best staff members and you were looking for a high quality candidate to fill the much needed gap in your team). You had done all the right things, or so you thought, to get your staffing situation back [...]

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